Thursday, December 29, 2005

We aren't scrooges or fact both Ken and I LOVE christmas...but the living room is too damn small to have a christmas tree in it. Last night (at least we waited for a few days after christmas...I wanted it gone december 26th) Ken took all the christmas stuff down and out and it is SO GREAT to have a living room again!!! As you can see, it's way too small to begin with! We are both very much looking forward to bashing out that wall and making a bigger living room!!! Posted by Picasa

I have just got to say I absolutely LOVE my new christmas thermos. I got lots of wonderful gifts this year but this one just amazes me!!! Not only am I now able to have a second cup of coffee while I am at work, but this sucker keeps the coffee PIPEN' HOT!!!! It is the coolest thing!!!  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Time Flies

Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's been three weeks since I have posted anything that's been going on. I guess it's just been THAT busy.
Well, let's go back three weeks and then up through the holidays....

First, Ken and I headed to Vegas with my company for our company chirstmas party. The first night we headed off to see Mystere with the tickets Ken got me for my birthday. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Worth every dime of the ticket price. We highly recommend seeing any Cirque de Soleil show!!! Then it was off to find a $2 black jack table so I could learn how to play with out spending a fortune. Hours and Hours and Hours later, we both left with the $20 we started with and have a pretty hefty buzz going. Admittedly I became a blackjack fenatic for the rest of the trip.
Then, the second night we finally ran into some of my co-workers and came up with grand ideas of partying and dancing...we ended up heading to the black jack tables :) See, I told you I got hooked on it! But we mixed it up a bit my me trading shirts with my boss... He actually wore that jacket for the rest of the night. What's even more suprising than that is that not one person looked at him funny. I guess that's Vegas for you.
Then it was on to day co-workers were on their way home and Ken and I decided to stay an extra day. For weeks, I had been looking forward to seeing an old friend who now lives down there, but time slipped by so fast that the oppurtunity was gone before I knew it. Instead, on day 3 Ken and I rented a car and drove through the Valley of Fire which was spectacular. You wouldn't think driving through the desert to looks at rocks would be that fun, but OH MY GOSH it was breath-taking to see!
By the time we rolled back into town it was much to late to get a hold of my friend, so we headed back to the Gold Spike for a little more $2 black jack. We both played on our $20 for a good long time, then I went off to play the slots....I quitely (the bells weren't working on my machine) won $150 on a nickel slot in the very back corner of the sleazey casino (I say sleazey with the most postive meaning available because it was a hoot to be there) and Ken soon found me. He sat down and also won about $100 bucks...we took our winnings and dragged our sleepy butts to bed. The next couple weeks are actually just a blur...between Christmas shopping, errands, chores, family and friends, and wrapping presents, Ken and I were busy little bees!

Chirstmas was wonderful this year...we attempted to start a Christmas Eve tradition of having family over...but it sorta flopped as a result of serious lack of room. Next year we will officially be the Christmas Eve headquarters since our living room will be more than double by this time next year.
This year, we made due with family coming and going in small clusters and making a few stops on Christmas day. This polar bear arrived on Christmas Eve for Ken and I! We were pretty excited :)

Christmas day brought lots of goodies! All the animals had stockings to open and goodies to eat! Yes all our critters are very spoiled! Ken and his 'Kendo' made a killing this year... he is good to go with all the fixin's for the coolest shed in town!!! New TV, casino lights, shot glasses, hot wheels racks, poker table and lots of other goodies. And the super cool gift that still has Ken smiling is the tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy in February that he got from his Uncle Dan!! Those boys are going to have so much fun!
Lots of people received 'Learn to Knit' sets that Ken helped me put together....I am looking forward to seeing lots of beautiful projects from all our family and friends!!!
Which brings us almost up to date and here's what we did yesterday. With one more day of our long weekend left and Ken inspired to finish the 'Kendo' so he can use all his new stuff, we braved the wind and rain to make a little progress on the shed. Me not being a big fan of heights, I handed Ken stuff while he scaled the walls outside. Before we began however, there was the condition to me helping, that I was not allowed to worry about his safety or make gasping nervous noises or extra safety suggestions. I had to be brave and trust that Ken knew what he was doing. I had only one half slip and almost gave a safety suggestion but remembered our deal and went back to just being a helping hand :)
And there you have it...three weeks of busy busy busy. This New Year's weekend we are looking forward to some camping and clam digging!!!! Woo Hoo. More pictures to come :)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Grab your side of the wish bone, close your eyes and make a wish...but what happens when you open your eyes and see that the wishbone is split right down the middle?! Ken and I must have both had excellent wishes and since it broke right down the middle, we must both be getting our wishes granted! Yay! Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 05, 2005

Can you believe the progress Ken's made on the Kendo...nieghbors are coming from all around to catch a peak and the think being built in our back yard. 50 additional square feet were added to the upstairs yesterday, making for an excellent sized poker room and office! Ken is grinning ear to ear each time I go out to take a look at the progress. Posted by Picasa

With the christmas music playing in the background and frustrating amounts of furniture rearranging and reducing, the tree got decorated! Ken found a super cool tree stand that tilts, swivles and clicks the tree right into place- straight and everything. It's begining to look a lot like christmas. Now to finish up on the outside and get the stockings hung! Posted by Picasa

Check out our first Christmas Tree. Posted by Picasa

Friday, December 02, 2005

Look at our winter wonderland!!! We got quite a lot of snow for the first snowfall! I couldn't even get my car out of the neighborhood this morning...Ken had to fire up the Blazer and drive me to work!! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 01, 2005

It's snowing!!! WooHoo! It may not be sticking and there may not be much of it, but it's still snow!!!! Posted by Picasa

Guess you had to be there....

So I have been getting a few giggles out of this so I am going to share this quick little story.

Yesterday, like most every morning, I made Ken lunch. It was a sandwhich using leftovers from thanksgiving. At about 11:05 am I get a call from Ken in a 'is this a joke' tone of voice and simply says "I am eating what seems to be a STUFFING SANDWHICH!!" My quick defensive response was, "There's turkey in there too!!"

A stuffing sandwhich....though I have come up with some pretty strange things for Ken to eat, the thought of a Stuffing Sandwhich is just funny to me!!

The sandwhich you seem here is today's lunch and it has a more appropriate Stuffing to Turkey ratio :P