Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last night we said goodbye to Denver aka Fatso.
The day started out as any other normal day...Denver and Karma (the big ole black lab) cuddling in the bedroom unitl late in the morning.
Then, when Ken got home we heard a very pained meow from Denver. The trooper that she is, we knew something was terribly wrong for her to be making this sound. To the vet Ken went to get his kitty fixed up.
We had no idea what would happen next. Denver had heart failure and very suddenly, she was gone.
Denver was about 15 years old and was able to keep all the dogs in check...she had the labs trained to cuddle and clean her and let her have the doggy bed when ever she wanted it. She was a great kitty, she did her own thing and made an appearance when she wanted some attention. She will be missed!!!!