Monday, July 27, 2009

Ken's Birthday

Once again, we celebrated Ken's birthday out at Camp Kengi! And, my Dad-who hasn't been camping in 30 years, also joined us!!!! He learned lots of new stuff while he was there!
Cowboy and Ken kicked things off with teaching him how to shot-gun a beer. (Hand to forehead-sorry Dad!) :)
Then it was gift time....a big box, with a smaller box inside, with a smaller box inside that and an even smaller one after that, then the really little box. Ken had a ring his uncle gave him back when he graduated high school. He never takes it off...until it broke. That was a year ago. I secretly had it repaired as his birthday gift!
Then time for more fun stuff. Ken took over Bubba's quad and did a little zipping around. Now he really really wants a quad of his own, one that fits his size a little better!

I got to visit with my Dad for the weekend. I was so proud of him for 'roughing it' the entire weekend!!! 30 years is a long time away from the woods. He was a real trooper and I can't wait to get him (and Cathleen) out there again!

Then we just spent the rest of the time visiting and hanging out. The typical camping stuff! It was a great time, Ken really enjoyed himself!

Happy birthday Baby!