Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Gardening while out of shape

What a fun weekend. Friday, Dave and Cindy came over with a big ole artichoke plant to add to our garden. We enjoyed an evening around the fire pit and exchanged stories about our trips to Mexico...Dave shared a story that has the makings of the next non-stop action movie and I learned that Dave was trouble waiting to happen in early days. :)
While we visited I knit up this little baby sock...now, to the friends and family seeing this, don't jump to any conclusions...I just had a little bit of scrap yarn...that's the only reason I knit a tiny sock, not because there is any baby on the way- Sorry to disappoint. :P
On Saturday Ken and I went off to our seperate yards and got to work. Here is Ken building the tomatoe cages...yes it's a lot of cages but we plan to eat ALOT of tomatoes this summer! Little ones, big ones, yellow ones and red ones!!! We have visions of endless salsa dancing in our heads :)
Ken and his green thumb skills went right to planning the layout of this garden and the caged vegatables. While I was out in my front yard swearing and stomping my feet because my seedlings were crumbling in my hands with few survivors making into the ground. After I threw my tantrum for Ken he came out and gave me a lesson on how to 'delicately' plant seedlings.
This may not look like much, but to me it is a great accomplishment of the first seedlings I have ever grown and planted!!! And what's even more fun is I have no idea what I planted so it will be a suprised when they continue to grow and become what ever they are going to become :P
I do have the joy of sharing this photo, which is the first bloom on my first cherry blossom tree in my front year. How absolutely pretty is that :)
On Sunday Ken built a little fence around the garden to keep the doggies and kitty out and raked like crazy to get all the rocks up. I followed behind and picked up those rocks galore. Now the lesson that we learned from all this gardening this weekend...if you garden while out of shape you are using muscle that probably haven't been used in months. Though it may not feel like much effort while you are bending up and down to pick up rocks for three hours, it is actually the same as doing squats for those three hours. What this means is the next day you will be in much pain, and the following day will hurt even more!!!! Poor Ken, every muscle in his body hurt the next day...me, I am still in pain when I sit down or stand up.....We have got to get into better shape!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow...things have been going a mile a minute for us lately but we had to stop a moment to share a little of the progress with you.
Check out the KENDO!!! This is the upstairs 'poker room' portion of the Kendo and as you can see there is carpeting, the walls are painted, the electricity is hooked up, the cable is connected and the TV and Refridgerator are plugged in and on!!! Ken did an amazing job!!! The section with the insulation is soon to be a door leading out to the upstairs deck. I will try to add some better pictures, because this one angle just doesn't do Ken's amazing work justice!!! Or better yet, stop by and come see it for yourself :)
While Ken has been working night and day on the Kendo, I have great progress on the wedding plans. The wedding invitations went out and they were absolutely perfect!!! Between you and me, the main part I always looked forward to with my wedding was the making of the invitations...the rest is just icing on the cake :) I will post a picture of the invitation soon.
A few dear friends also got together to help make the wedding decorations and favors!! Again, they turned out just perfect :) There were pinwheels as far as the eye could seen in the room :) I love them so much I am thinking that I will be hanging them in the guest bedroom after all the wedding hoopla is over. Linda, Donna, Jacque and Jennifer did such an amazing job putting the favors and decorations together and I want to say a SUPER HUGE THANK YOU to them...it really meant a lot to me to have you there!!!
We have lots of other stuff going on too and I promise to get more photos and update again....in the works are the new garden schedule to get started this weekend, a few loose ends for the wedding then some serious planning for the actual day, preparations for a knitting expo in a few weeks, the downstairs of the Kendo started on (then the garage gets cleared out and the home expansion begins) and keep your fingers crossed that I got into the Farmer's Market.
Until next time, enjoy that unusual, warm, bright, yellow thing in the sky :)