Monday, July 31, 2006

Busy Week

Phew! What a busy week!! I am almost relieved to be back at work so things can slow down a bit.
Tuesday, I brought my neighbor Lisa to the Mariner's game for 'Stitch n Pitch' night. Stitch n Pitch is when a whole bunch of knitters go to the ball game together. We had a good time and Lisa even learned how to knit while we were there! WooHoo!
Tuesday was also my Dad's birthday-Happy Birthday Dad!
Then, Wednesday morning at 6am we were on the road for Neah Bay to go fishing. After spending 14 hours a day on the boat for 4 straight days we came home with one salmon and a couple bottom fish.
Guppy did great being on the boat!!! He pretty much stayed bundled up in this little doggy bed the whole time. He didn't even seem to care about the couple fish that did make it into the boat.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A bit of Landscaping

Well, we headed off to the nursery and came back with a FULLY loaded truck! We got a few palm trees, a few hydrengeas, pretty little viney things, daisies, ground cover, banana plants and on and on and on.
So we got up bright and early on Saturday before the 100 degree weather was upon us again and we got to work. This picture does not do this cute little fence justice. It's a row of 3 hydrengea trees, a hand built little tree branch fence, wrapped in viney things, then in front of that is a row of daisies and pinky-greeny bushy things. IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! I love it!!!
We were recently at the casino and I was fortunate enough to win enough money to get the supplies for a second pathway, so Home Depot here we come!!! Stay tuned for even more pictures as the yard starts looking like a yard :)

Later that night we gathered a few friends and family together for a little poker game. It was still way TOO FREAKIN' hot at 9:30 at night-but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in spite of the heat. Uncle Dan was the BIG winner, Ken was in second place and Lisa came in third!!! Great job you guys!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The front yard

Just wanted to share a picture of the cobble stone walkway with the new ground cover lining the edges. There will be ground cover planted in between the stones for more stability for the path....but it still looks pretty dang cool!!!
I already have the outline of the second path laid out in the yard....just need to gather the bricks and concrete and get started!
I also wante to share some photos of a few of the things popping up that I have planted :)

This is some cosmos I planted in front of the brick wall I made in the very front of the yard

The roses in front of the kitchen window

Something that I don't remember what it is, but it sure is pretty!

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Great Birthday!

To celebrate Ken's birthday I had told him that he and I were spending the day together, then there was a birthday BBQ afterward...little did he know that I had gathered his good buddies and planned a day of golf for him!
The guys showed up at the door at 9am Saturday morning and Ken was very suprised!!! I served them up a hot breakfast and some bloody marys and sent them on their way!

By the looks of it, all the guys seemed to have a great time!

Then it was time for the BBQ! Lots of great food and friends....Ken was one happy birthday boy :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's somebody's birthday today!!

That's right! It's Ken's birthday today!

Baby, I hope today is as super great as you are! I love you and happy birthday!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yes, we had such a great weekend....we didn't go anywhere, we got some sleep, and did yard work. It may sound pretty ho-hum to some, but since we rarely get to do it, we enjoy it when it does come our way.
I did the market on Saturday and it was frickin' hot as usual and then headed home when it was over. Saturday evening, Ken and I sat out on the back deck and played cards, chatted and snacked...we didn't even bother to make dinner (unless cheap frozen pizza counts as dinner). We had our first fire in the fire pit in well over a month-that is not like us!!! Then on Sunday, we were up and at 'em!!! We worked on the brick accents along the drive way. Poor Ken burst his finger wide open when he hit it with the pick trying to set the bricks. I finished that job up and planted all the ground cover into the bricks...Ken dug me a new pathway from the front door to my car.

I got all the bricks lining the sides of the path and off to McClendon's we went for some stepping stones.

We came home with a super cool stencil to make cobblestones! Cobble stones were what I had really wanted so I was super excited.

It turned out great...I don't have a final picture yet, but I will be planting ground cover between the stones soon too!

Basically, we worked our booties off all day Sunday with great results!!!! And at the end of all that I crashed...right there on the couch!!!

Amazingly, an hour later, Ken and I pulled ourselves together and woke ourselves up and headed over to have a little BBQ with my mom, sister, and nephews. We took the blaser and enjoyed the gorgeous evening with the top down.

And that was our super fabulous weekend!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Busy week, and nothing to show for it

OK, I am super lame...we had such a busy, fun weekend and I didn't remember to pull out the camera once!!!
Well anyways, here's the low-down. Joe's 30th B-day was over the weekend, so there was a big ole shibbam out at the Valdez Property. Then Sunday, Ken and I went cruisin the the Blaser with the top down. (Can you tell this picture was taken as an after-thought?!)

While out cruisin, we ate at a drive-in (when was the last time you did that?!) then headed for Home Depot. We stocked up on some really cool stuff like pretty ground cover for the front yard, orange tropical plants of some sort, a potted clematis and some strawberry plants.

Then came 4th of sorry, but I didn't pull the camera out here either!!! Geesh!!!! Anyways, it was so cool! Our neighbors sure put on a show! And I am not talking about the whoosey stuff you get at the regular stands....I am talking about the full-on, huge aerial stuff!!! It was great!!! Wish I hadn't had to work the next morning so I could have stayed up for the finale which sounded like it was even more spectacular than the previous, constant, 3 hour show they had been putting on.
Bummer I didn't get any pictures, but I do have pictures of the yarn I spun with my new spinning wheel....