Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Friday and 6:15 in the morning, Ken went in for surgery to get that dang bump on his face removed!!!! He came back to the room pretty loopy- but recovered quickly. The cut is healing nicely and as long as he remembers to take those vitamin E pills and keep the antibiotic cream on it, the scaring will be minimal!!! Yay!!! It doesn't even look that gross now!

Once Ken was home and seemed to be feeling fine, I went out with my bride's maid in search of the perfect dresses. Much to my dismay, not only do they not have any thing in Lime Green (which doesn't suprise me completely since not that many people love lime green) but we could not find one single dress in BABY PINK. This SHOCKS me!!! Isn't pink in just about every single wedding?!

Now I am toying with the idea of changing the colors to pink and brown, my second favorite color combination of all time. After a bit more searching, I have found bride's maid dresses that can be ordered on-line (but then you can't try them on first) in the exact right colors, but that takes 10-14 weeks. The other, more stressful option, wait until spring and see what comes out in the department stores. AAAaaaahhhhh. What to do......

Then Saturday rolled around, Ken seemed to be doing just fine so we headed up to Mukilteo to check out some of the rental stuff for the wedding (the chairs, tables, etc). We left with a few great ideas and feeling pretty good about the stuff coming together ok. I should be ordering that stuff in the next week or so.

After that early morning roadtrip, Ken was off to the sportmen show with Uncle Dan, Shawn, Jay and Joe. I was off to the salon for my first time at getting my hair colored by a person instead of a box. I was excited!! I am still getting used to it, it seems dark to me, but Ken swears that's what he remembers my natural hair color looking like. What do you think?

Then Saturday came to an end and Sunday rolled around and we were off to the hardware store. Ken was going to make me a yarn dying rack so I could take on a few more skeins at a time.

We strolled around the hardware store for at least an hour!!! Ken is like a kid in a candy store when he is at home depot. I am pretty sure we went up and down every isle there and we only needed three things for the yarn rack. :) Well, we got home and Ken whipped out the yarn rack in about 5 minutes!!! WooHoo!! I was dyeing yarn within a half hour of getting home from home depot. Check out what I made.

While I dyed yarn, Ken headed outside....the Kendo update: it is about to have electricity, heat, insullation, and dry wall! Ken has explained the whole thing to me, but from what I understand, we are stuck with the crappy electric that we have in the house now and the Kendo is going to have to share it for a little while until we build onto the house and can get new seperate electricity for the Kendo and our house.

And there you have it, our weekend in a nutshell. Our week ahead is pretty typical, Ken has pool, I have knitting, SURVIVOR STARTS ON THURSDAY!!!!!, and Friday we start the mad dash, we call the weekend, all over again :) I hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wedding favor and decoration supplies are here and waiting to transform into their pretty wedding things. Time to gather up some helpers for crafting. :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another weekend come and gone! We had a 'serious' poker game on Saturday...my mom and I were the only ones left standing. We split the pot instead of dragging out the game for another hour. Then, everyone went home and Ken and I were left all alone at 10:30pm on a Saturday night and we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves...so we spent the next few hours with me kicking his tail at poker and gabbing about everything under the sun. Then Sunday came... not that I have the first idea what all is going on with the Seahawks, but I do know that Ken is a super happy camper because they are going to the Superbowl. Fireworks could be heard for a good hour Sunday evening and I figured it had to be because the Seahawks won! Indeed they did and now Ken has suggested we go to the superbowl for our honeymoon early...HaHa-I am pretty sure he is kidding ;) This week has been off to a nice start, the sun is shining, the condo is rented again, and wedding plans are on a roll. I hope your week has also gotten off to a great start!! Happy Tuesday!  Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 16, 2006

So much in so little time

Ken and I both had a very busy weekend. Bright and early, Ken was off to show the condo to a potential renter. Fingers crossed that that works out! And speaking of the condo, here is a picture of what 25 days of non-stop rain is doing to the boat docks (which are well under water) and the parking lot. Another foot or so of water and that cabana will be in the water too. Yikes!!!
The area here on the right and beyond that boat that seems to be just floating in the middle of the lake (it is actually timed to the underwater boat dock still) was the grassy area I would take Guppy out to. You can even see the picnic bench that used to sit at the waters edge!!!

After the condo, Ken was off to watch the Seahawks game with the boys!!! I was off to go wedding dress shopping with my little sis.
We went here and there and landed at a bridal shop in Eastgate. It was beyond intimadating. There were dozens of bride in there with all SIX of their bride's maids and their mom's fluffing their dresses. I have got to get a bride's handbook because I did not know you need a fleet with you for these sorts of things. Karla was a big help!!!!! The first dress we saw on a dress form was exactly the style dress I wanted. But I didn't find much on the hangers that I was interested in trying. Karla suggested a few and though none were ringing my bell I went to try them on and asked if I could try the one on the dress form. The one on the dress form was THE ONE!!! (Nope, the picture here is not the actually dress because Ken isn't allowed to see it) It fit beautifully and it just so happend to be part of the Trunk Show and was on sale for that weekend only! WooHoo! Sold!!! My wedding dress will be arriving in April!
Meanwhile, Ken was enjoying the Seahawks game and I headed over to Jaime's later that evening. Ken grabbed this shot of Bubba cruzin' on the motorcycle...what a cutie!!!
Jaime, once again, was champion of a wrestling. Actually, her challenger forfieted, but it still counts! :)

Then Sunday, Ken and I left to do our own thing...I spent the afternoon with Karen who is a good knitting friend who is moving to Utah this week. She is staying in Federal Way and neither of us know the area so it was a bit of an adventure!! Ken headed over to his Uncle Dan's and helped him kick butt on some poker tournament right before he helped Uncle Dan get his new snazzy computer hooked up! I give it 30 days before Uncle Dan is on Poker Stars :)
Ken and I rolled into the driveway about the same time and had a taco feed for dinner! I was so full I could have burst...I have no will power against tacos!!! Ken enjoyed the season premier of 24 and I started a chunky cable cardi .
All in all, a great weekend!!! Now we start our ultra busy week!!! This week we have condo cleaning, another premier of 24, yarn dyeing, Tuesday night pool, Wednesday night knitting, wedding favor supply getting, decoration making, and another Seahawks game...and that's all after we finish our work day! Geesh!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Saturday was the Grand Opening of 'The Kendo' With electricity and all we piled 15 people into the upstairs. Bravo Ken on a job well done! It looks great!!! :) Posted by Picasa

We had the first 'Kendo Poker Party'. Ken Sr. took the pot...so much for the house winning at the first game! It was a lot of fun! Then we stayed up until 5:30 in the morning...I have no idea what we were thinking!!!  Posted by Picasa

Went to the Wedding Show at the Washington Convention Center with Jaime and Jade last Saturday!!! I thought this display of flowers and candles was really pretty and creative. We all snooped threw the wedding dresses and I only tried on one...it wasn't 'The One' :( Jaime got her make-up done...and she looked a pretty flashy-don't think I will be hiring that company for the make-up! We tried lots and lots of wedding cakes all of which were not only delicious, but amazingly gorgeous too! I didn't leave with too much more information that what I came in with...but I did learn that a girl can spend a small fortune on one day! Now, on to the Martha Stewart magazines to plan my much less expensive wedding!!! Next up, Wedding Dresses and Invitations! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

Ken and I decided to head to the beach to do some razor clam digging and surf perch fishing to celebrate the New Year.

The picture on the right is the wind actually holding me up! It was so windy there! The storm at the beach was beautiful to watch, but it wasn't the best conditions for surf perch fishing. Ken did try it the second day we were there and ended up catching one!! Woo Hoo!
Then it was time to try Razor Clam digging.....
We had to wait until the tide was out, and unfortunately that was after dark. So we all headed out with our lanterns and looked for razor clam spots, and looked and looked and looked and looked and looked!!! There was a little bit of digging, just to see if we could find ANYTHING-but all for not! Not one of us ended up finding a razor clam :( When it started raining again, we all decided to call it quits for the night and head back to camp.
So far, luck had not been on our side for that camping trip...then it got a little worse. We were getting ready to hit a local tavern to watch the Seahawk game and noticed Ken's tire was flat! Ugh, then got to the tavern and the game had started three hours earlier, so we missed the game, then noticed that the rail on top of the camper had been ripped right out of the roof of the camper by a branch. Ken did suprisingly well with everything going wrong!!!
So back to camp we went...discouraged and in the middle of another rain shower.
We scrapped our plans to attempt razor clam digging again and just built a raging fire. Ken became quite the fire photographer
and I knit my way through the rest of the trip! Check out my super cool knitting headlight!
Though we head a few bumps along the way, it was a fun start to the New Year.
Hope your new year is a great one!