Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Can't get blogger to load any pictures, but I found this and had to share it....
The majority of pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Puppy mill breeding dogs suffer immeasurably as their needs are routinely ignored and compromised. A lifetime in a cage for an animal as highly social as a dog is psychological torture. Puppy mill breeding dogs are routinely forced into a life of poor quality housing (wire or concrete cages), poor quality food, poor quality water that is often dirty and algae-covered and poor quality—if any—veterinary care.
Puppy mills breed indiscriminately, perpetuating congenital and hereditary disorders that are damaging to many future generations of dogs. This industry that accepts mistreatment and poor husbandry as routine is boosted every single time someone purchases one of the puppies at a pet store.
The purchase of a puppy through a pet store removes any chance of a puppy buyer (and usually the pet store staff) knowing the conditions the puppies were born into, the level of care (or lack of care) the puppies received, the conditions the puppies’ parents continue to suffer under, and the genetic and other health problems the puppies are carrying due to the lack of appropriate health testing and veterinary care.
Some breed enthusiasts suffer from the misconception that The HSUS is working to stop all dog breeding. This is not the case.
Our focus remains stopping the factory-style production of puppies, where breeding dogs are treated like machines producing puppies for profit. Our focus is on the hundreds of thousands of caged breeding dogs without hope of escaping to a life as part of a family, and on the millions of puppies sold at a high profit, but who have a greater chance of suffering from their own host of health problems due to their poor start in life. We will work tirelessly to stop this entrenched and blatant mistreatment of dogs.
If you are opposed to cruel treatment of dogs, and if you feel that those who profess to be involved in the breeding of purebred dogs out of love for the breed should be actively fighting to protect those animals from abusive breeding practices, we again invite you to join with The HSUS in our fight to end puppy mills.
If you are interested in working together to stop puppy mills, please contact Humane Society of US