Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My last post was NOVEMBER?!

OK, let's get right to the point...I suck at keeping up with this blog. Sorry family and friends!!!!
Now that that is all cleared up, let's get to the catching up.

In early December Ken and I went on a 7 day Mexican Cruise. We had been excited to see a few different places in Mexico so we would know where we would want to return to. We will NEVER return to Mazatlan! I actually had to yell at the vendors to 'BACK OFF' because there were such aggressive vulchers.
I am not sure that cruising is for us...by the 5th day I was more than ready to go home (getting a little cabin fever), I was approaching seasick and the casino became Ken's permenant cruise address for lack of anything else to do.
I was sure nice to be warm for a week in sunny Mexico though!
Then, what seemed like a blink of an eye later it was Christmas. Ken and I celebrated Christmas that morning then hurried off to his sister's for Christmas brunch. Then it was off to see his Grandpa's, then to his mother's. And just as fast as Christmas arrived it was gone. It's already mid-January and I still haven't even had a chance to get our Christmas gifts off to my side of the family.

Then, with the holidays over with it was time to get back to work. Ken, and his handy contractor skills, turned the walled in carport into a work space! From cold and drafty to warm and cozy, complete with new lights and everything!
Next up will the the plumbing and stove and I will be able to move my entire production to the garage!!!!! Woo Hooo! We won't have to step over eachother anymore while I am working :) Can you believe my little yarn business has grown so much that I need a workshop for it?! How crazy is that?! And that pretty much brings you up to date. I am sure as you read this we are already onto half a dozen other projects...so I will see you again in a few months to update you on those :) Just kidding! I really will try to update more often :)

I hope your 2008 has gotten off to a great start!!! Happy new year!