Monday, May 01, 2006

9 days left

Holey Crap! Only 9 days left before the wedding! Needless to say, we have a lot on our plate right now!
Over the weekend I was in my first knitting expo for A Swell Yarn Shop. I have been busily preparing for the last couple months. Karen came into town to help out and sell her Sleeping Dragon yarns too! The expo went ok. We had a display dilema prior to opening the booth, but recovered gracefully (but by the skin of our teeth).
It was great to see Karen again (a couple months ago she moved to Utah) and in the midst of being here to help with the long hours at the expo and staying with other friends during her short few day stay, she helped me emmensly with wedding details. She asked what I still needed to do for the wedding, and after rambling off my every growing list, being the sweet thing she is, she simply took charge and said...'Ok, after this we will go here, here and here and get this, this and this done'. She even made sure I had the fun attire for the honeymoon-I've been so focused on the wedding, I hadn't even had a chance to think that far ahead to the honeymoon! With several things checked off my list and having such fun while doing it, I am so grateful she was in town to and got to do some of that with her! Thank you Karen!!!!!!!
Also this weekend was Ken's bachelor party! There suspiciously doesn't seem to be any pictures available from that party ;) so I don't have any to post, but I could tell by the big cheesy grin on Ken's face when he swayed through the door at 2am that he had a good time. With slurred speach he exclaimed, 'I have such great friends'! Not suprisingly, he spent the next two days recovering on the couch...poor guy!
Other than that, Ken's cracked ribs from a wrestling match with his sister are not mending as quickly as we had hoped and he suggested there may not be any fishing on this honeymoon. I suggested he drink lots of beer before we go and if that doesn't work, I will just catch enough for both of us. If you talk to Ken, please encourage him to give this beer therapy a try, I don't want to miss out on fishing! :)