Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh how I love my bread maker

Seriously, whoever invented this contraption was BRILLIANT!

With about 5 minutes of my time filling up the loaf pan with a basic recipe and all the added morsels I can think of I just hit a couple buttons and walk away.

A few hours later the entire house has that amazing aroma of fresh baked bread that no candle can, well, hold a candle to! Just when you start to be able to smell it, you mouth starts to water just thinking about that first warm slice that will be all yours in about 30 minutes.

Then, when the aroma is too much to bare and you don't think you can wait any longer, about 5 minutes later you have an absolutely perfect loaf of real bread. Not that crappy, airy, non morsel filled stuff you get at the store- but a golden, thick, nutrition filled, loaf of bread.

And, while that first slice is oh so good with a bit of butter on top...the sandwhiches you make with this bread are to die for! Wow, if you thought that deli sandwhich from the grocery store was good-you would be blown away with even the simplest fixin's on this stuff.

I stand up and applaud the inventor of this creation-the bread maker. Well done!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Our Anniversary

Last weekend marked 3 years of marriage for Ken and I. It was March 27th 2006 that we ran off to Vegas and got married. It was May 13th, on our 'wedding day' that we announced we were already married! People still talk about that one and so do we. We wouldn't have done it any other way!

To celebrate we headed to Camp Kengi for the first camping trip of the year. Ken was under the weather but was a trooper anyways! We visited with our neighbors while we were there and they told us how to make firestarters. Take a little drier lint, an egg carton and some was and put it together. I melted the wax with some Citronella for added bug control. Put the lint in the egg carton, melt and pour. Viola! firestarters. I will let you know how well they work when we get a chance to use them!
We also gathered loads of oysters from the attached beach. After gobbling up all the shellfish yumminess I took all the shells and smashed and mashed them as best I could so I could give them to the chicks. 100% fresh, 100% natural calcium supplement and a great way to reduce and reuse something that most people would waste. We also use the shells for traction on our steep driveway into and out of Camp Kengi. Oyter shells are a very handy dandy thing!