Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Things have been so busy I haven't updated this blog in forever....and it would take forever to bring you up to date, so let's just go from here! Saturday was the Valdez Halloween Party! Some of the costumes were absolutely phenomenal! Here you have Joe and Jaime and the Flintstones! You should have seen Donna-Mom, she made the spookiest female vampire EVER. With the effort these guys put in to their costumes, there has got to be some sort of costume contest out there....most at people at this party would have won!!!!

Then, over the weekend we headed to the Carpanito Bros pumpkin patch. These were some of the funkiest gordes I have ever seen in my entire life. We bought a few to help decorate our home for fall.

Then we were in search of two more big ole pumpkins! Ken did grow two fabulous pumpkins already, but we felt our patio needed a little more pumpkin halloweeniness.

We left with these two big ole honkers that weighed a whopping 101 pounds together. Geesh!!! Then we got those snazzy pumpkin carving patterns and made these spooky designs!

We are hoping that we get a few trick or treaters this year-not a lot of small children in the neighborhood. Either way we had a blast decorating the yard. Once again we are the most spirited house on the block! We are hoping one of these holidays our festivities will inspire more in the neighborhood to decorate too!

Happy Halloween Everyone!