Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bunnies first haircut

Remember those cute fluffy little bunnies?! Well, those fluffy little bunnies got their first haircut on Wednesday and they were none too happy about that!!!Penelope (the little black one) was first and I did a TERRIBLE job!! It took me over an hour! She was not a happy camper-can you tell!!! By the time I did Pearin (brown), then Piper (grey), I pretty much had it down. The shearing was not nearly as scary as I had anticipated. I can tell that once I really get the hang of it, it will go very quickly. Just need to come up with a shearing system that works for me and the bunnies. Check out the funky coloring on Pearin! Grey on top with brown underneath!I gotta say, I am really having a ball with these little gals! They are so cute and sweet...but when they are running around out of their pen they are T-R-O-U-B-L-E !!! They get into everything! And they love love love the kitty's litterbox! So much so, they lay down in it once they have kicked out much of the litter.Their own litter box training is going ok. For three months old, they are doing very no time at all they will be able to have full run of the house!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Waaaaaaay toooooo busy!!!

I know it has been forever since I have updated this blog...We have been so busy, doing so much, being everywhere at once, that I just haven't had a moment to take a breath and look back at what we accomplished...only have had time to look forward and keep working our behinds off!!!
I have been doing the Farmer's Market, which keeps me busy Monday thru Friday evening making inventory and selling all day Saturday. Ken's been working late-that's they way summer is for constructions. Then in his free time putting some final touchs on the exterior of the Kendo and finally got it painted (need to add a photo). He painted it 'Cancun Sand' ...definitely goes with our tropical theme for the back yard!!

On my one day off a week I have been making serious progress on my front yard. What is not included in this picture is a bit more shrubbery and a pathway like the one I am standing on which leads from where I am standing to the begining of the driveway (more pictures to come) I am pretty excited! It's finally starting to look like a yard!.

Over the holiday weekend we went camping with our neighbors in Ocean Shores. We have a few fiascos (Chaos was not feeling well most of the trip and pooped ALL OVER the inside of the camper TWICE!!) but was a fairly mellow trip. Ken did some Surf Pearch fishing and caught 3. When he went to clean the fish he found 12 little fish inside one of the fish...So he caught his limit!! HAhahaha

I am not sure what they were thinking,
(coulda been the Pina Colodas on the beach)

but they decided to eat the little fish.

Then when we got home from the camping trip I drove to LaConner to pick up my 3 little bunny babies :)

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!!!

In the last week our animal kingdom got a little bigger. I adopted 3 (yes 3) angora bunnies. Their names are Penelopie, Piper and Pearin.

Right now they are about the size that Berk was when he was full grown...I imagine they will be almost as big as Guppy when they are full grown. Guppy doesn't seem to be too jealous of the bunnies, he just cuddles up to me while I am sitting on the couch grooming the bunnies. The other dogs could care less about the bunnies...if it's not a ball, they aren't interested.
In the last couple weeks Ken has built the most amazing bunny condo (now called the bundo). Over this last weekend my mom and I shingle the roof (we did a dang good job) while Ken finished the doors and the various levels in the bundo.
So the entire set up consists of a 2'x6' pen inside the house in the kitchen and a hole through our kitchen wall leading to the bundo outside. It has 3 levels, ramps and carpeting. It's quite a kick to hear the bunnies run down the upper level ramp, hop down to the floor, up the step, through the hole, around and through the box in the pen and back out the hole and up the ramp again.
They are so sweet and soft and are going to be the most incredibly spoiled bunnies EVER...but you already knew that! I have included pictures of the bunnies and the bundo...I had to stand in the neighbors yard to get a wide enough shot of the bundo so the fence is in the way, but you can see all the levels and everything.
Come over and meet the bunnies and check out yet another one of Ken's fantastic creations! I am so lucky to have a contractor for a husband :)