Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All puppies at a petstore are from a PUPPYMILL

After my last post about petstore puppies being from puppymills I recieved so many responses not only in the comments but sent directly to my personal e-mail about this issue. Some comments were to say Thank You for spreading the word, others were comments that they are certain their petstore puppy is not from a puppy mill.This is an issue that is just being learned about so most don't know enough about it. This picture is one of cages in a puppy mill. These dogs never come out of these cages, they never get to play, they never get petted, they are lucky if they ever get feed and when they pee or poop, it falls on the dog below.The fact of the matter is, if the puppy is from a petstore IT IS A PUPPY MILL Puppy.
*A real breeder cares about their puppies as much as you do...would you let a store clerk pick a person to take care of your pet while you are on vacation-of course not. A real breeder would always want to know where their puppies homes are going to be....they would never leave that choice up to a pimpley faced store clerk. The petstore puppy DID NOT come from a breeder.
*But you say, 'I asked and they said it wasn't a puppy mill puppy'~Of course they said it wasn't from a puppy mill...are they really going to say, "yes- we support cruel and inhumane conditions so we can make a buck".
*Were there more than 2 puppies in the petstore when you went in? If the answer is yes, you know that puppies don't grow on trees, they only grow in puppy mills. What are they odds that all the 'breeders' the petstore supposedly gets there puppies from happen to have a litter of puppies EVERY SINGLE WEEK. They are getting shipped in from puppymills.
*Are the puppies in the store younger than 8 weeks old? No real breeder would, in good conscious, let their puppies leave the mother until it was AT LEAST 8 weeks old- it lets the puppies be at risk for serious illnesses if they are taken away too soon. A petstore, however, can make much more money on a 6 week old pup that a 10 week old put so the mill takes the puppies away at 4 weeks or earlier.

The petstore is in it for the money not the health of the puppy. Any way you look at it, every puppy in a petstore is from a puppy mill. They are continually breed for puppies until they die. Death is the best thing that can possibly happen, because the pain and misery the dogs have gone through is unimaginable.PLEASE DON'T BY YOUR PUPPIES FROM A PETSTORE. THEY ARE FROM PUPPY MILLS!!!!If you want to learn more about it, please check out this site and do what you can to stop puppymills!

Check the sprouts out!!!!

What fun this has been!!!! Checking on my sprouts each day!!!! Those ones in the middle are about 4" tall already and I only planted them about a week ago!!! WOW!!! I am getting such a kick out of it! I want to run out and get more seeds to plant. What do I have in there, I have some Cosmos, Nasturtiums, Impatients, Daisies and one called 4'oclock mix. I can't wait to palnt them outside!!!!! :)

Fishing Derby

Ken and I headed up to Sequim for the weekend to enter the fishing derby. "Are you crazy?!" you may be thinking since the temperature had dropped to the teens during the week and the ground was frozen solid. My answer, YES! but Shawn and Dan (who didn't even show up the first day) wanted to go and though we had a million and a half things to get done at home, Ken didn't want to let them down.
Ken and I had a great time! It wasn't nearly as bone chilling cold as one would imagine! We had lots of hits, but no fish in the boat. We could see lots of seals swimming around making the fishing that much more difficult to catch. Guppy even got to come out on the boat. He did such a great job...all bundled up in the cutty.
Finally Shawn and Dan arrived and sadly, brought with them their standard 'Tease and Taunt Ken until he gets pissed off ' gameplan and pretty much ruined every chance of fun there was to have. All I have to say is With family like that, Ken doesn't need any enemies that's for sure.
All in all, I had a great time getting away for the weekend with Ken. But it really was too bad that two sour apples had to arrive with such crappy attitudes and ruin the trip.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


As promised, here is a picture of the trellis Ken made me for Valentine's Day. It is going to be just perfect when the camelia starts to get bigger. It doesn't block the big planter box that I will be filling with trees and shrubs and it WILL block that ugly telephone box in our neighbors yard. :) Yay!!!

Also, Ken helped me get some seedlings started on Monday and I have been checking them every day to see if they have started sprounting yet. I checked again this morning and I was so excited to see a number of the seedlings have begun sprouting!!! Aren't they the cutest little seedlings you ever did see?!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Our first valentines in our new home...not suprisingly, we were too busy to celebrate. Tuesday is Pool for Ken. But with the time we did have before he was supposed to head off we exchanged our handmade gifts. Ken made me a lattice thing for my camelia in the front yard to grow against. It looks pretty snazzy out there!!! (pictures to come) I made him a fishing collage for his office and a picture mug. Ken also attempted to make a heart shape cake that didn't quite make it. But the thought was sweet! I hope everyone's Valentine was extra wonderful!!! Posted by Picasa

Monday, February 13, 2006

It's starting to look like a yard

Saturday morning Ken and I headed off to McLendon's to check out some plants. I was determined to make some progress on the front yard so that it wasn't just dirt!!! With the bulbs I had planted a few day prior and the packets of seeds I had picked up, I was excited to get started. I know the picture is terrible, but what you see on the left is a cobblestone eding I put along the driveway with some ground cover planted in between the stones. I also put in those flowers that Ken got me (I don't know what they are) and Ken transplanted that big ole tree from the back yard. I also planted a Cherry bloosom tree in the planter box and a pink shrubby flower bushy in the front brick area. I will get a better picture of it all soon.

In the meantime, with every free moment he's got, Ken has been busily working away at getting the Kendo insulated and drywalled. In just a few days he has made great progress.

When he wasn't working on the Kendo, Ken helped get his Uncle Dan set up with internet so he could play poker on-line. Now the two of them play poker in the same tournaments as much as possible. Both Uncle Dan and Ken are completely hooked!!!!!

After a long Saturday of working on our projects we invited a few people over to hang out by the fire pit...I am not sure how exactly it came up, but Shawn got his ear pierced by Jaime with a fish hook.

My little sister came by, too so she got the oppurtunity to see some of the crazy stuff this Kreutzer family does!!! It will be the last time I get to see my sis for a while because she is moving to UTAH this week. I wish her the very best of luck on her adventure!!!!!!

This week I will hopefully be getting a great start on the wedding invitations. Those have to go out soon and I am drawing a complete blank for ideas for them. I am also planting a few seedlings in a little starter box for transplanting for later. I don't have much of a green thumb so keep your fingers crossed for me :) Ken has a busy week of work ahead of him now that the nicer weather is rolling in, then he is off for a fishing derby this weekend. Hopefully the weather will hold out for them!!! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and have a great week!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Donna's Birthday

After a couple schedule delays, Donna and I finally got together to celebrate her birthday with a pedicure. As we both sat down to enjoy our little bit of luxury, it seemed that the gals were more in a competition to see who could get done the quickest as opposed to making the customer comfortable. The girl doing my toes was in such a rush that she broke the skin with the clippers. OuCh!! Donna...if we do pedicures again lets NOT go back to that spot!!!!
Since we were done in lightening speed, we headed back to Donna's place and I got to take a peak at a few knitting projects she is working on. There was even a completed pair of cute little slippers!!! I knew I could get her hooked on knitting-hehehehe :P Donna, I hope your birthday was great and I can't wait to see the shrug when it gets finished!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Crazy Busy

Well, we survived another one of our crazy busy weekends-barely! Friday, while browsing the internet Ken found a potential rental property for sale in Okanagan...yes, Okanagan, all the way on the other side of washington! So I got home from work and we hit the road. We made it there before midnight and got a hotel in Petaros (where we smuggled Guppy in wrapped in a blanket). Saturday morning, we continued our journey and checked out the little town of wasn't completely horrible. Actually, it has potential! This is the little house that we are hoping will be our next investment property. We are actually pretty excited because this is something Ken and I are really looking forward to doing (having a few rentals here and there). The house needs some SERIOUS work inside!!!! But we are up for the challenge. The scary thing is, with as disgusting as it is inside...the current own is about to rent it to someone! I am totally shocked that someone would move in the way it is, but in Okanagan I guess there's not much choice! Anyways, keep your fingers crossed for us!!!
Then we headed home and got to see tons of snow coming down on the pass. It was great to see a good snow at least once this year!!! The trip was long, but not horrible. We stopped in Cle Elm for some lunch and coffee. Within about 45 minutes my tummy was rumbling, by the time we got home I was really not feeling well, by time Ken was heading out for Larry the Cable Guy comedy show I was praying to the porcelain gods. Yep, I got to learn what food poisoning feels like....for the next 24 hours! Ken seemed to have had a great time with the boys at Larry the Cable Guy!!!!!
Then Sunday rolled around and I finally dragged myself out of bed and prayed to the porcelain god a little more. Ken was busy making all the munchies for the Superbowl party...He was so darn excited for that game!!! I headed out to meet my girls and try to find the perfect brides maid's dresses. I ended up choosing the one in the middle (straps will be added) and it's gong to be 'sweet pea' pink. It seemed liked the best one to coordinate with the wedding dress. Now the wedding dress and bride's maid's dresses are done!!! Phew!!!
Then I hurried home, got sick again and headed off to Jaime's with Ken for the big game!!! It was a good game. The refs were more than a little hard on the Seahawks (maybe even paid off to be hard on the Seahawks) so that made it frustrating to watch. Had the refs been more fair (I mean seriously, one of their touch downs wasn't even in the goal), it would have been a very close game and more fun to watch. Oh well, it was neat to see Washington come together and be so excited for something.
It was also Ken, Sr. birthday. He got to blow out the candles on a football shaped birthday cake! Woo Hoo.
So that was our weekend...busy busy back to work.