Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We're Back

Well, back to the real world!! :)
Mexico, was fantastic as always. We decided that even if we went back every year we still wouldn't see everything. The above picture is me getting my 'Guppy Fix' (yes, I missed my doggy very much) at Atkchun Chen just outside of Playa del Carmen. The have a wild life zoo-which is NOTHING like our zoos most there is a basic yard fence between you and the animals. The above critter is a baby wild bore!!!!!
The below picture is inside the underground caves-which were spectacular. I am not much of a world traveler, but of all nature's creations that I have seen, this was by far the most impressive.
If you would like to see more pictures, go here . I warn you though, there are LOTS and LOTS of pictures, tons from these caves and the other things we did!
One of the last things we did, which I NEVER thought I would EVER do again, was parasailing! Two years ago, I tried this for the first time and the thing was a 'fr%@gin' lawn chair with a parachute. I was scared out of my scared I couldn't wave to get them to bring me down, so scared that my camera was on my right hand wrist and I was not about to let go to give the camera to Ken, so all the pictures were taken from my wrist.
This time was in one of those regular ones, and though I was still petrified, and never ever let go (my hands hurt by the time the brought us down) I am glad I did wasn't as bad as the first time...and now I NEVER EVER have to do it again!!! Yay!!!!