Monday, October 13, 2008

Camp Kengi Homestead

We were out at Camp Kengi over the weekend and I decided to play with my camera a little bit.
Thankfully, Ken and Cowboy were happy to play along with me.
Here we have the boys posing for an old western type shot.

This one I was able to capture with no flash-just the light of the fire

This shot I just did with what little knowledge I have of taking 'artistic' photographs. I am no Ansel Adams, but I think it is pretty non-the-less
Here is a shot of the Camp Kengi Homestead 'round the fire.
I am totally digging this old west look!
This one was really fun!
Cowboy was rocking out, but Chaos was holding still. I let the shutter remain open for a long time and was able to capture this shot!
Kinda funky huh?