Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Should I stay or should I go

Well, the time has finally arrived where I can actually make a living on my creations!
A dream come true!!!!!...
The only thing left is to turn in my notice at work. Then my paycheck officially depends entirely on MY success...now that I can turn in my notice, I now realize how absolutely terrifying that really is!!!!
I tried to think of the last time I did something as daring and scary as this and the memory that came to mind of the above photo when Ken and I 'parasailed' in Mexico. It was pretty much a lawn chair with a parachute attached to it and the only thing stopping you from plummeting the the ocean below and being eaten by sharks is the grip that you have on the arm rest.
What you can't see in this picture, besides the fact that my teeth are clenched so tightly together they might crack, is that the camera is on my wrist and my hands had a death grip on the armrests. That meant any photo that was going to be taken, was going to have to be taken FROM MY WRIST because I was not letting go. Hence the angle of this photo.
Yep, that was ABSOLUTELY the most terrifying thing I have ever done and while quitting my job doesn't put me in fear of plummenting to my death and being eaten by sharks, it is a close second because it brings with it the fear of falling flat on my face!!!
Wish me luck!!!!