Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

Does it get any better than this? Your husband is hanging Christmas lights and it starts to snow....

So we captured the moment :) See the snow on his shoulder? Yep, That's SNOW alright!!!

Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear?!
Ken and I enjoyed every second of our snow days!!! How often is it that you get snow days after you graduate high school?! NOT VERY OFTEN!!!!
This is just a cool picture I took of my little fairie statue of a boy and a girl fairie kissing... kinda pretty with the snow!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Picture of the Day

Just had to share this picture of Denver (aka Fatso) who found a box to call her own! I think she is trying to tell us that she would like a real kitty bed of her that Karma (yes, the big ole black lab and a little kitty bed) won't call dibs on.
In other news, though I didn't take a picture (but thought about it) Ken made the absolute yummiest chicken pot pie dinner! I know that it's a bit strange to mention a dinner that we ate no matter how good it is, but my hope here is that Ken sees this post and realizes that I really really really loved the chicken pot pie and makes it again soon. (I will let you know if this subtle hint works ;P )
Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Catch up

OK, is it even worth me pointing out that we have been really busy, or does the lack of posting pretty much speak for itself?!
Time for some catch up...
Since the last post we attended Ken's cousin, Trever Kreutzer and Faith's wedding.
We wish them a lifetime of happiness!!!
As the Farmer's Market approached it's final month I got my first wholesale order from a gal in Auburn! I, of course, was beside myself with excitement!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me that more are in my yarn future :) While I was still very excited about this order, I also got the news that a highly popular knitting book (Stitch n Bitch) accepted one of my pattern designs and will have it in their upcoming advance knitting book! In the knitting world this is pretty big stuff!!!! I am soooooo excited about this!!!
In the mean time, Ken has found himself very busy and with out the extra help of a quality employee once again. At his whit's end, he decided we were heading to Vegas for a quick break... Of course we had a great time! We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget for a change of scenery. It was a nice change, but we look forward to staying on the strip for my companie's christmas party in December. We got a little stir crazy with the limited options by the 3rd day. Also the new Fremont Experience is pretty lame! It used to be great music with a fun light it's a so-so light show and I don't think they even play music any more :(

Then it was back to birthday was on a Thursday so Ken made a king crab leg dinner and we watched Survivor on TV. What are the odds?! Survivor was a rerun-Geesh!!! I went out to lunch with Jennifer, which is something we need to do much more often!!! And Lisa our neighbor took me out to get my nails done-they look very pretty! Jaime caught wind that it had been my b-day (appearantly Ken got an earful for not passing on that information:P) and called on a few people to bring a party to our house on Saturday! It was so sweet of everyone to come on such short notice :)

I have admittedly caught the bunny bug and adopted 2 more white angora bunnies (pictures to come when blogger is working again). Yes, that brings me to 5 bunnies!!!! I have let the breeder know that should I contact her again she is not allowed to let me adopt any more bunnies :) They are all so sweet!!! I had ordered 5 cages about 3 weeks ago now...they have not arrived...I have over taken the kitchen with little bunny cubbies because they don't all get along with eachother....can't wait until the cages arrive!!! Ken seems to be taking the chaos well.
My Dad and Cathleen came up for a visit too and got to see all our critters and we got to meet their new puppy! What a cutie!!!! They also brought us our wedding gift which is a super cool bell that we are looking forward to hanging on the Kendo. It will go GREAT with our tropical themed back yard!

Then last weekend, we got to watch Taylor play her final soccer game of the season and ended with an undefeated season. You go girl!!! We also celebrated Bubba's 3rd birthday! (pictures when blogger is working) He got lots of tools and cars...what more can a little boy ask for?! It was fun...I imagine he played himself to sleep that night :)
Later that night we also celebrated our neighbor's b-day with a night of darts! Hopefully she enjoyed herself! I woke up with a sore arm...can you say out of shape?!

All in all Ken is soggy from work and enjoying poker tournaments and I am playing catch up on the website and loving the heck out of the new bunnies. Life is good at the Kreutzer house!