Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kreutzer Camp Party

This weekend is the big Kreutzer Camp work Party!!!!
Everyone's invited and it's going to be a blast.
Yeah, it's a work party too, but with some many friends there the work will be fun.
Hey, maybe we will even whistle while we a line like the 7 dwarfs. Hmmm-probably not, but I may try to make it happen :)
We will have an oyster/dinner feed on Saturday after a day of brush clearing. I am sure the drinks will be flowing too, so there will be lots of blackmail-I mean, picture opportunities. :)
If you are gonna be there, we can't wait to see you and have everyone check out our little piece of heaven!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

World Series of Poker

As you know, we are a Texas Hold'em family...both on my side and on Ken's side.
We bond over poker tournaments, discuss good and bad lay downs, hypothesize good betting tactics, and patiently listen to someone vent after a bad beat.
Well, Ken and Ken Sr are going to test their skills at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas!!!
I am so excited for them!!! I hope they both at least make it to the money. Not matter what, the experience is sure to be a story told around the fire for years to come.
Send them some good luck wishes on their big day and maybe we will all get to see them at the featured table when they air the tournament on TV!!! :)

Teaching myself spanish

OK, so I am totally missing Mexico. We haven't been in just over a year and it seems like way too long to be away!
Since our next trip will be our 4th time in Mexico, we have decided we are going to stay in a more authentic area so we can see the real Mexico!!! In order to do this, one or both of us need to know Spanish. Absolutely determined to see the real Mexico, I stepped up to the plate and have been teaching myself Spanish. I have a DVD I watch over and over, I have flash cards I work on each night, I have CDs loaded into my mp3 player that I listen to while walking.
Admittedly, even with the hours and hours I have already put into it, it is a very slow process. I can count to 100 easily, greet someone, and ask how much something is, and that's about it!
I have given myself one year to learn a comfortable amount, then we will book the trip!
I am so excited!!! I think this will be the best trip to Mexico yet!!!