Friday, January 26, 2007

Breaking News-Man makes breakfast on a weekday!

Breaking News- the image that you seen here is Ken, at 5:30am, on a Friday morning! That's right hour of the day that rarely ever sees Ken. Not only is he up, but he is making breakfast...a full size, hashbrowns, eggs, bacon breakfast.
Gotta say, it was an EXCELLENT way to start the day!!! Thanks for the breakfast, babe!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


It's of 2:52pm on Wednesday January 24, 2007 A Swell Yarn Shop yarns are going to be INTERNATIONAL!!!!! A store in Ontario Canada has placed an order for Duet Sock Yarns. How cool is that?!
I am doing a happy dance right now!!!! Wooooo Hooo!

Bunny Incognito

This is Pearin...she is on a mission and has been tunneling through her hay. What she doesn't know is that even in her hay camouflage we can still see her. Sorry to burst your bubble bun bun!!!

A good start to 2007!

Well, 2007 has been an amazing year so far for me!!! I have been discovered!! Renaissance Yarns came across the line of yarns I create and they are now the premier (besides me) distributor of my yarns!!! Not only that, but upon delivery of their first order, they placed another order of the same size...time for me to get yarn dyeing!
In addition to now being carried in a yarn store, the yarns I have created are also selling out in 24 hours on A Swell Yarn Shop. My intent, once I do get completely stocked on the website and deliver the order to Renaissance Yarns is promote my yarns to other shops about the country. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

For those of you who are not knitters, the above yarns are my line of Duet Sock Yarns. The socks pictured here are what the yarn will make. Pretty cool, huh?!

Here comes Santa Clause! And Snow!!!!!

Another snow storm!!! The snow hadn't even disappeared from the last storm and we were blasted again. They said we could expect 2", we got 8" in 2 hours!! We lit up the fire pit and enjoyed the weather. Since the temperatures remained below 32 degrees, the snow stuck around for a week. Word on the street is another major snow storm the second week of February! Maybe it's the kid in me that never grew up, but I am sooooooooo hoping for another snow storm!!
Just before the snow storm we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas. Santa was very generous to the critters! Bones and balls and play-things galore. Santa was also very good to me, too! Got a super cool MP3 player that I am still learning to's says it will even hold a movie!
Ken made me the most sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever for Christmas. He made me a head stone for my bunny Berk who is buried where his garden was. Do I have the most amazing husband or what?!
Santa was all about the Seahawks for Ken this you know, they didn't make it into the Super Bowl...but I am sure Ken will be showing off his team spirit year round!
I hope everybody's Christmas and New Year's was as nice as ours. Happy 2007!